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Proofing makes perfect

If spelling and grammar don’t matter any more, how is it that the books of Lynne Truss and her ilk have been flying off the shelves? Literally. (No, NOT ‘literally’!! There, that’s one bugbear dealt with already).

Anyhow, the last place you want to find spelling/grammar errors is your communications materials, whether they’re in print or online, external or internal.

The quality of the proof-reading of SunSign’s Philippa has been described, by a former Fleet Street man, as ‘gold standard’. If he hadn’t heard it being accompanied by an almost constant, intrusive stream of muttered imprecations, he might have been even more effusive.

But a company’s reputation, professionalism and attention to detail can be thrown into question by sloppy communications. We’re not saying that ‘the man on the Clapham omnibus’ would necessarily choose to buy his tubers from a shop selling POTATOES rather than POTATO’S but some customers undoubtedly would. And look where Dan Quayle’s spelling of foodstuffs got him…

It can take a long time to write and produce a catalogue, an annual report or an alumni brochure, not to mention to write a novel or draw up a CV, and you may not want to spend too much extra time proof-reading it. But if you are serious about the reputation of your company or of yourself as an individual, the modest extra cost of hiring a professional proof-reader will pay dividends.

Philippa has proof-read communications produced by a wide range of industries and organisations, some of which are highly technical (2010 commissions involving toilets and cashmere garments – not in the same publication – come to mind). She has also ‘proofed’ the CV and covering letters of a non-national seeking work in the UK, and two novels written by an up-and-coming Sussex author.

So, whether you feel you’d like a series of ‘proofings’ for a publication, or just a crucial, final proof-read, SunSign Communications, in the squinting, magnifying glass-wielding form of Philippa, is here to help.