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Going to market
We’ve all been there, whether we’re the world-weary reporter on the ‘local rag’ or the industry publication that’s seen it all before. A press release pops up in our inbox or lands on our desk and it’s just a ‘puff’. And a dull one at that.

Philippa has been that reporter. She has also sent off press releases/media announcements to various publications, with the crucial difference that, having been on the receiving end, she knows how to make her missives stand out and get published.

There are no dark secrets, but if you’re running a business, marketing can sometimes either take a back seat or be dashed off in a hurry – with the result that time and money have been wasted with no positive outcome.

If you’re anything less than a multi-national, you may not need or want to hire a huge agency with swanky premises to maintain (and the fees that go with them). You may also have only occasional needs to publicise (you’ve tweaked an existing product for the better, introduced a new or developed an existing service, taken on new employees, or have signed up a prestigious new client).

SunSign’s Philippa can draw up – and send out – something as modest as a one-off press release, or can drip-feed your news on a more regular basis. She’ll help you out on her own, or slot seamlessly into an existing team of employees for as brief or as long a time as you need. Philippa will swiftly get a grip on your organisation’s structure and priorities and prides herself on working professionally, co-operatively and pleasantly with new colleagues of all types. But she will work from her Essex home office or from your premises, as required. And there are no fiddly, daunting contracts to grapple with – just an agreed rate (always eminently negotiable) for the time worked.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity
Well, this isn’t entirely true, and everyone from the local newspaper to the trade press will be on your case if they get a sniff of anything out of the ordinary or worse. You may be a small organisation that doesn’t have the budget for a full-time press/media relations officer, or you may have a team of them – but a team that cannot function adequately when one of its members is on holiday or on maternity or sick leave.

Philippa’s experience in national (the former Imperial Cancer Research Fund) and local (a local authority’s arms-length management organisation) press teams can be your salvation. At the very least, she can be parachuted in to maintain seamless cover in an employee’s absence or weigh in with her expertise if there’s a big press launch imminent or a sensitive issue likely to get into the public domain.

Again, hire her for as short or as long a period as you need, for a reasonable and negotiable rate. And with her enhanced level Criminal Records Bureau clearance and her experience of working for clients such as the Metropolitan Police and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (not to mention for rival oil and gas companies and competing law firms), you can be sure that she maintains an acute awareness of the importance of client confidentiality.