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Getting your staff ‘on side’ – and keeping them there

It’s become a cliché but, like so many clichés, it’s a cliché because it’s true: effective communication with employees is just as important as effective communication with customers.

Employees’ disillusionment will leach into their dealings with customers, ‘water cooler moments’ will turn into a rant in the local pub and, before you know it, your reputation is sailing listlessly up the Swanee.

SunSign’s Philippa is the archetypal poacher-turned-gamekeeper – which is good news for you. She’s worked ‘in-house’, variously for the Prudential Corporation, the Department of Communities and Local Government and a local authority ALMO (arm’s-length management organisation) and has also had a wealth of corporate communications/B2B agency experience.

And because she has obviously herself been an employee and has been on the receiving end of ‘employee communications’, this means that she has a clear idea of what works and what runs the risk of enraging rather than engaging.

Effective employee communications – whether in the form of a newsletter, a magazine or a one-off announcement/alert – won’t necessarily result in a Damascene conversion on the part of the recipients. But their arrival may soothe a few ruffled feathers (diluting a potential groundswell of ire) and engender a more positive feeling about the ethos/state of the organisation.

It should go without saying that it’s better to communicate than to remain aloof from the workforce, especially in uncertain times. And, of course, when the news is good, trumpet it from the rooftops (or, at least, in paper form or online).

What SunSign can do for you:

* Tell Philippa about the information you need to communicate and when you want to communicate it and to whom (the whole organisation or selected sections of it)
* If you are unclear about your message, talk it through with Philippa, who can help clarify the main thrust and put the content into words and into a logical order
* Then choose either to supply a rough draft of your wording for Philippa to rewrite, or
* Instruct Philippa to write it from scratch, drawing on the content of your conversation, or
* Provide her with the words already written to your satisfaction for Proof-reading.

You’re the client – the choice is yours. But SunSign’s advice and expertise is here when you need it.